Momentary Glances
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Mark Schuler’s photographic eye continues to evolve as it draws upon his experiences as a photographer, an artist manager, an art collector, and a clinical and neuropsychologist. His collective body of images reflect the tension created between what is easily recognizable and by the vague impression of what might be. They are the spaces between what the eye sees and what is imagined. His works rarely allow a person to just look and recognize. Reactions to his work have reflected the feeling of moving back and forth between the more easily recognizable familiar object and that which requires more effort. A tension is created and requires the viewer to participate in order to develop their own experience of the space. SERIES

Momentary Glances


Agony and Ecstasy

Object of My Affection

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Momentary Glances: This series is the result of a continuing effort to see those spaces and moments in time that seem to be unnoticed, unimportant, and not understandable. I am interested in those momentary glances that may occur as part of everyday experience that go unnoticed or as part of a more mindful experience during meditation, when a gaze is anchored, but out of one's peripheral vision, there is an instant when something is noticed. At times, what is noticed is easily recognized, while at other times, what the eye sees during that moment is at best an impression, but not understood.
MA is a series in an ongoing effort to see that space between time, or moments, which is part of every experience, but is not always visible, because it is not noticed. At times, it is only the reflection or essence of that moment that can be seen or experienced. Through this series, the space between an arbitrary beginning and the ending point of that momentary image is explored.
Agony and Ecstasy examines those borderline areas between images already created and the emotional experiences they represent. The series attempts to bring you to the edge of existing representations of these physical experiences.
Object of Affection explores that visualized space between the object and the person obsessed by imagining the area between self and other. This series visualizes the point where the two become indistinguishable from each other.
Mark Schuler's camera and photography have been an integrating force throughout his life that has created a narrative across his travels, professional life, personal relationships, and his artistic endeavors . A review of his photography reveals images that frequently are not quite recognizable and yet they are real in the world.